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How Do You View Your DD-214 Online? | – How Do You View Your DD-214 Online? To request a DD Form 214 online, go to the National Archives website and select Veterans Service Records, then click on Request DD 214/Separation Document Online. Select Submit Your Request Online with eVetRecs at the next page and follow the onscreen instructions, entering basic personal and service.

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How do I obtain a copy of my DD-214? – CalVet – – If you need assistance obtaining your military records, then contact any County Veteran Service Officer (CVSO). To obtain your DD-214on your own, submit your .

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Request Your Military Service Records (including DD214): – Find out how to request your military records, including your DD214, through the milConnect website.. Once I've signed in to MilConnect, how do I request my military service records? Follow the steps. Get Your VA Medical Records Online .

Army General Discharge Benefits 15 General Discharge Under honorable conditions pros and Cons. – If an individual receives a Dishonorable Discharge, for example, then they are not allowed to own a firearm. Individuals who receive a Bad Conduct Discharge or a Dishonorable Discharge will also forfeit their military and veteran’s benefits. With a General Discharge, Under Honorable Conditions, these rights remain intact. 5.

United States Army DD214 – – GET YOUR DD214 IN 1-7 BUSINESS DAYS $74. EXPEDITE THE PROCESS TODAY–TO ACCESS YOUR BENEFITS TOMORROW.. If you select our Priority Express Service, you will receive an encrypted email containing a digital copy of your DD214 within 7 business days, and the hard copies will be shipped via USPS.

How Do You Get a Copy of Your DD214 Online? | – A Veteran Owned Business. We Simplify And Expedite The Search And Delivery Of Your DD214.We Work Directly With Archival Researchers To Get Your DD214.Avoid Delays And Annoyances.

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Touchstone Research Store – The information on the face of the card is pulled directly off your DD-214, the DD214 WE get directly from the government for you (or related official military separation documents). We cannot accept a copy of your DD214 from you, to preserve the integrity of our card.

The Best Method to Acquire Your DD214 – Here's all the information that you will need to get a copy of your DD214.. Ask yourself, "By what date do I absolutely, positively have to have my DD214? – These Express services run between $79-119, depending on how fast they can get your record. For a quote on price and turn-around time, give them a call at 800-AT-DD214 (800-283-3214) . Easy!